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Getting Ready for Your First Respite Care Break? Here’s What to Do!


Caregiver in Metuchen NJ: Getting Ready for Your First Respite Care Break? Here’s What to Do!

Taking that first respite break from your elderly loved one can be intimidating no matter how long you’ve been a caregiver. Planning properly can help you to have a wonderful experience.

Put Some Checklists Together

You do a lot more than you think that you do when it comes to your elderly loved one and everything else in your life. You also do more than you can relay to someone in a few minutes before you leave. Take the time over the span of a few days or a week to jot down some notes that would help someone stepping into your shoes. Once you’ve collected your notes, you can put them into a more coherent checklist form that you can update as needed.

Make Some Backup Plans

No matter how well you plan any situation out, you’re always going to need backup plans. Make sure that you leave emergency contact information that is easily accessible. If you’re leaving your loved one with elderly care providers, make sure that they know how to contact you or another family member.

Prepare Your Elderly Loved One

Taking a longer break is good for you but it can be confusing for your elderly loved one. Make sure that you let her know what is happening and that you’re only going to be gone for a short time. If you can bring elderly care providers in a few days early to meet your loved one before you leave, that’s something that can ease the transition.

Relax and Enjoy Your Time Away

Once you’ve done all the hard work to help you leave for your respite break, it’s important for you to relax and enjoy it. You can’t truly expect to get the most from your break if you’re calling to check on your loved one every half hour. Set specific times to check in, preferably no more than once a day, and enjoy your time. You’ll find it much easier to come back when you’re rested.

After you’ve gone through your successful first respite care break, it’s time to make sure you have another one on the horizon. Frequent breaks help you to stay fresh and to be a more competent caregiver.

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Sharon Muenster, Owner, President

Owner, President at Key Home Care
Sharon received a BS degree in Business Administration and began working in banking and various financial institutions before opening her first home care agency in 2002. After living through watching her mother take care of her grandmother and great aunt, in her home, with the help of a caregiver, Sharon saw the need for this service. She researched all the options available to people and then decided to open her own company so she could not only provide caregivers to families but also be a resource for families in the same situation her family was in.

After 14 years in business, Sharon fully immersed herself in the Senior community. She became the President of the Senior Commission in her home town of Metuchen, NJ. She is also on the Accessibility Commission in Metuchen. Sharon has been a member of the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce since 2002.

Sharon grew up in Perth Amboy, NJ with her parents, two sisters and one brother, and moved to Metuchen in 1999.

Sharon has learned a lot about the needs of seniors and their families. Everyone's situation is unique and needs to be handled individually. Sharon likes to get to know her clients by communicating with them and finding out what would make their difficult situation a little more pleasant.

In her free time, Sharon has two children that keep her busy and enjoys playing tennis whenever she can.